• PADI - Advanced Mermaid

PADI - Advanced Mermaid

Elevate your mermaiding experience in open water, while refining and improving your mermaid diving skills.

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About The Advanced Mermaid Course

In the PADI Advanced Mermaid™ course, you'll build on your PADI Mermaid™ certification and apply it to the open water environment.

What Your Learn

You'll learn the basics of how the open water environment differs from a pool or confined water (larger, deeper, more variable conditions) and be introduced to open water mermaiding techniques. You'll also learn about aquatic life – what to expect, how it can affect you, and how you avoid harm.

Take This Course If You Want To

  • Advance your mermaid skills to open water.
  • See familiar dives sites in a new light
  • Try something new and exciting
  • Make your first open water dive

Learn How To   

  • Perform rescue skills
  • Make ascents and descents in open water
  • Perfrom in open water.

Next Steps

UK DIving


Step 1 - PADI eLearning

PADI eLearning makes it easy to fit scuba lessons into a busy schedule. Complete the independent study part of your course whenever, wherever it’s convenient for you.

Work at your own pace, online or offline, using a computer or mobile device. Connect with your instructor for inwater training, or whenever you have a question.

  • eLearning time commitment: 2-4 hours



UK DIving

At The Uk Diving Academy

Step 2 - With Your Instructor

At least two confined water sessions, in which you'll learn to prepare for mermaiding, rescue/problem management skills and the conduct of mermaid dives. Open water sessions in which you learn and practice the set-up, conduct and execution of open water mermaid dives

  • Prerequisites: To enroll in the PADI Advanced Mermaid course you must be 12 years old or older and have a PADI Mermaid certification (or a qualifying certification from another mermaid organisation)
  • Total time commitment: 2-3 days
  • Minimum age: 12 years or older


More Information

PADI Advanced Mermaid Course Prerequisites
  • To enroll in the PADI Advanced Mermaid course you must be 12 years old or older and have a PADI Mermaid certification (or a qualifying certification from another mermaid organization). You need to be able to swim at least 100m/320ft without swim aids, able to float comfortably at the surface for at least 10 mins and in good physical health.
Course Medical Requirements

Scuba diving requires a minimum level of health and fitness. Chronic health conditions, certain medications and/or recent surgery may require you to get written approval from a physician before diving.

Avoid disappointment, download and review the Diver Medical form to ensure you won’t need a physician’s approval to dive before enrolling in a scuba course. Instructors, divemasters and dive shop staff are not physicians and should not be asked for medical advice; only medical professionals can give medical clearance to dive.?

If you (or your physician) have questions about medical fitness to dive, contact the experts at Divers Alert Network (DAN).

The Mermaid Gear You Will Use During Your Course

We will provide all your core scuba diving equipment during your course including:

  • Mono Fin
  • Bi Fins
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Mermaid Outfit
What's Included
  • Course Tuition
  • PADI eLearning
  • Basic Equipment Hire
  • Air Fills in the pool. (if required)
  • PADI eCertification Card 
Additional Costs

  • Dive site entry from £15- £25 per day
  • Transportation (for you and your equipment) - (we will do our best to arrange lifts if needed)    
  • Subsequent air fills on open water dives payable directly to site
After This Course

Have you thought about becoming a PADI Freediver™ or PADI Scuba Diver? Find out what it takes. 

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