• PADI - Public Safety Diver

PADI - Public Safety Diver

If you have the opportunity to work with local authorities and be part of a scuba diving rescue team, or conduct search and recovery dives, and maybe even underwater criminal investigations, this is the course for you.

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About The PADI Public Safety Diver Course

If you have the opportunity to work with local authorities and be part of a scuba diving rescue team, or conduct search and recovery dives, and maybe even underwater criminal investigations, this is the course for you. Although public safety diving can be a fun and exciting adventure, it's serious and requires special training. The PADI Public Safety Diver Specialty course gives you a solid foundation to build upon and teaches you both surface and underwater skills that you may need on the job.

What Your Learn

Learn the fundamental skills required to work as a public safety diver or assist local authorities. Through scenario practice in real-world environments, gain experience as the primary diver, safety diver, dive supervisor and in a surface support role.

You do not need to be part of a public safety dive team to take this course.

Take This Course If You Want To

  • Become a public safety diver
  • Join a team or gain experience
  • Serve your community
  • ​​Improve your search and recovery skills

Learn How To

  • Size up and manage a scene
  • Rescue and recover victims
  • Communicate via rope pulls
  • Conduct an arc search

Next Steps

UK DIving

Independant Study

Step 1 - PADI eLearning®

PADI eLearning makes it easy to fit scuba lessons into a busy schedule. Learn about scuba diving principles and terminology whenever, wherever it's convenient for you.

  • eLearning time commitment: 6-8 hours




UK DIving

At The Uk Diving Academy

Step 2 - With Your Instructor

During four open water dives you’ll learn rope-pull signals, conduct arc searches, use cutting tools and practice self-rescue. You’ll also participate in realistic public safety diving scenarios such as underwater body recovery.

  • Prerequisites: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification) 
  • Total time commitment: 2-4 days
  • Minimum age: 18


More Information

PADI Public Safety Diver Course Prerequisites

The PADI Public Safety Diver Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum Age: 18

  • Course prerequisites: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification), PADI Rescue Diver by the time of certification.

Course Medical Requirements

Scuba diving requires a minimum level of health and fitness. Chronic health conditions, certain medications and/or recent surgery may require you to get written approval from a physician before diving.

Avoid disappointment, download and review the Diver Medical form to ensure you won’t need a physician’s approval to dive before enrolling in a scuba course. Instructors, divemasters and dive shop staff are not physicians and should not be asked for medical advice; only medical professionals can give medical clearance to dive.?

If you (or your physician) have questions about medical fitness to dive, contact the experts at Divers Alert Network (DAN).

The Scuba Gear You Will Use During Your Course

We will provide all your core scuba diving equipment during your course including:

  • Buoyancy Device
  • Regulator
  • Scuba Cylinder
  • Weight System & Weights
  • Scuba Diving Computer
  • Scuba Diving Fins

During your course, we will include rental of all of the above core dive gear items only. You will be required to collect your core dive gear prior to the open water training dives from us.

What's Included
  • Course Tuition
  • PADI eLearning
  • Equipment hire
  • Air Fills in the pool.
  • PADI eCertification Card 
Additional Costs

  • Dive site entry from £15- £25 per day
  • Transportation (for you and your equipment) - (we will do our best to arrange lifts if needed)
  • Subsequent air fills on open water dives payable directly to site
After This Course

In the Advanced Public Safety Diver course, you’ll learn how to search for a missing vehicle underwater, perform vehicle-related victim rescue and practice marking and recovering evidence.

Completing the PADI Dry Suit Diver and Full Face Mask Diver courses may also help you be better prepared. Every PADI Specialty you earn gets you one step closer to becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver™. Only 2 percent of divers ever achieve this elite rating.

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