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Tec DiverWelcome to the home of the UK Diving Academy's Technical Diving Academy! Technical Diving opens up a whole new world to normal recreational diving. Go where few humans have ever been and have the chance to explore more wrecks, caverns and canyons and see different types of aquatic life. Decompression diving also allows you to stay deeper more much longer periods letting you spend more time on each dive site.

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Discover Tec Experience

Curious about technical (tec) diving? But not sure about jumping into a course? Discover Tec is a short confined water experience that allows you to give technical diving a try. You get to wear all the extra tec diving gear and take it for a test dive.

Tec Basic

The PADI Tec Basics course is a bridge from recreational to technical diving, providing divers with an opportunity to gain exposure to tec diving and learn and practice entry level tec diving skills.

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